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Our brothers and sisters in Honduras need help after being affected by Hurricane Eta  

We will continue our mission to provide help to families in need in our community. Please consider donating today during these difficult times to help those that are in need.

All donations are tax exempt



Honduras was directly affected by Hurricane Eta. The entire country received a lot of rain that caused severe flooding, destruction of bridges, roads, and the country’s infrastructure.

In 1998, Honduras was directly affected by Hurricane Mitch, and the damage Hurricane Eta has caused to the country is much greater than that caused by Hurricane Mitch.

Derived from the flooding, people are on the roof tops waiting to be rescued. The Honduran Government had requested that owners of boats assist the Honduran Authorities in order to rescue our Honduran brothers and sisters in severe danger and that are waiting for help.

Villages, towns and cities are flooded; the images that are being shared by the local news and social media are shocking and painful. Thousands of families lost their homes, their belongings and in some other cases they lost their loved ones.

Honduras is a beautiful country, Hondurans have a great heart and are great people, but in this moment: Honduras needs your help!!! Most of Hondurans live in extreme poverty and this natural catastrophe that has destroyed Honduras in the middle of the pandemic will worsen the country situation.

Your donation will be used to buy food, medication, masks, hand sanitizer, clothing, diapers, shoes, and other supplies is needed in Honduras.

The amount of your donation is greatly appreciated as even $1 will go a long way.

Please, pray for Honduras and it’s people. Thank you.

CRC We Care! We Share!

We are CRC We Care! We Share!

Our ongoing passion is providing “nutritious foods” to families in need of a helping hand. Through the generosity of our donors and sponsors, we hope to continue expanding the program.